Free voice lesson? Anyone? Anyone? Hello?

This is not a song but since Caterwaul and Doggrel is dedicated to the worst that the world of music has to offer I feel no qualms about including this video.  The star, mirandasings08, gives us a free singing/theory lesson in an effort to boost her private instructor business.

If you took a muppet with the lips of a blowup sex doll, man eyebrows, and no discernable musical talent then had it define/demonstrate what a “scale” is, the result would be:


13 Responses to Free voice lesson? Anyone? Anyone? Hello?

  1. tallahustler says:

    This might be the video of the year. I seriously can’t watch the whole thing without laughing uncontrollably.

  2. ledrobster says:

    i didn’t even get a crack at this 😦

  3. the chief says:

    1. voice lessons are expensive because they are not cheap
    2. what she sang was certainly a “type” of scale
    3. i just do not understand what’s going on with her mouth at all. does she just talk out of the side of it, or is it actually very off-center on her face?

  4. ledrobster says:

    ok, now that someone was nice enough to get me around the apparent Youtube Oklahoma embargo, i can state with absolute certainty that this is Nadya Suleman’s younger sister. it’s obvious, not just from the lips, but from the particular narcissistic variety of batshit crazy.

  5. Ann says:

    OH MY GOD. This person should be put in a padded room somewhere. She doesn’t have the FIRST CLUE!! of what vocal technique is about, how the voice works, and please…..she is singing is a completely different key. Did she just wake up one morning and say “um. gee….like….um…..I think I’ll teach voice lessons?” BAD, Bad bad……..

  6. OMG!!! I have taught voice professionally for over 35 years and all I can say is this muppet person needs to have her vocal folds tied in a know and flushed down the toilet. If anyone actually listens to this and believes it, the future of singing as we know it will disintegrate. However, I do love good comedy and this is a wonderful example and totally made my day as I laughed (with a high voice and vibrato while shaking my entire body) hysterically. This is going to all of my students and friends – choral, vocal and otherwise.

  7. Gailyn says:

    Couldn’t agree more Dennis!! Put this gal in a padded room somewhere. I have a degree in Music and VocalL Performance and not once was a taught to shake my head for vibrato. Of course if this girl is solicitating students, one has to wonder what KIND of students is she solicitating if she perpetuates the idea that one needs to shake their head for vibrato. It’s a great video to show to first year students, though of what NOT TO DO! And whatup with the lipstick?

  8. Damen says:

    Wowie WOW WOW. WTF!! I haven’t laughed that hard since I was a little girl…thank you. She has no idea what she is talking about. I have a degree in Music Education and a Masters in Music performance. I also teach voice professionally and can promise you the advice given here is not even worth the download. Run away, as fast as you can. Personal favorite moment in this video is when she demonstrates a scale….it wasn’t even a scale, and it was out of pitch!!

  9. The Tenor says:

    This gal has a twin sister in Lima Ohio who also sings, LOVE THOSE LIPS!!!

  10. Mark (aspiring singer) says:

    If this person gets paid to give voice lessons I am in the wrong job. I envy her ability to produce the vibrato that she does. I had no idea that you actually have to shake a body part to obtain that particular quality in the voice. LMAO.

    I am changing careers tomorrow. So please expect in the very near future to meet the next Joan Sutherland with the vibrato twitch technique fully mastered….

  11. Tigger143 says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I needed that. I teach vocal lessons and choir and deal with stupidity on a daily basis. I’m soooo glad that it’s worse elsewhere.
    1. Virbrato?… Definately no “r” in that word.
    2. There are usually 8 notes going up a scale and 8 going back down. Not 7. Oh and it’s usually pitched correctly.
    3. High voice=soprano, Low voice=alto….um NO! Lyric Soprano, Coloratura Soprano, Dramatic Soprano, Mezzosoprano, contralto….AND WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GUYS?
    4. Definately got the bumble-bee thing off of American Pie.
    5. If vocalist in the future start a fad of “Shaking” while trying to produce “virbrato”, I’m quitting.


  12. Miriam says:

    Ha! This has got to be a joke…

  13. Jeremy says:

    It’s a gag. She is actually a real singer just having a little fun. I could not stop laughing at some of her other videos. I liked the “music video”. I also enjoy “bothering” people when I purposefully butcher a song for my family and friends (I am a composer). I always laugh at restaurants when no one ever gets the octave leap in Happy Birthday. She did what Phil Hendrie has been doing for years: get people riled up thinking the schtick is for real.

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