“Convoy” is a 1975 novelty song performed by C. W. McCall (pseudonym of one Bill Fries) that became a number-one hit in the USA (#2 UK) and helped start a worldwide craze for citizens band (CB) radio. The song was the inspiration for the 1978 Sam Peckinpah film Convoy and remains one of the worst tunes ever composed and recorded:


2 Responses to Convoy

  1. ledrobster says:

    As a professional music scholar, I strongly disagree with your assessment. “Convoy” is an absolute masterwork. I’ve got five C.W. McCall LPs and I cherish every one. The movie is also pretty amazing (just watched it last weekend). Around my household, October 4th is unofficial Day of the Rubber Duck.

  2. ledrobster says:

    By the way, you didn’t mention that C.W. McCall’s works (including “Convoy”) were usually produced by Chip Davis, who later went on to become the main dude in Mannheim Steamroller. Now *that’s* a tripe act (but slickly-made tripe for certain; damn Berklee syndrome.)

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